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Presentations and Conference Proceedings


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Chenyan Xu.,Visinescu L., and Dan Kim. "Disclose Intimately, Honesty, Heavily, Positively and Intentionally: An Exploration of Self-Disclosure in Social Networking Sites." Research and presentation ICIS 2013, December 15-18, Milan-Italy


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Visinescu L., and Sidorova A. "The Influence of Shopping Website Design on Consumer’s Intention to Buy Online: The Case of 3D vs. 2D Online Book Stores." Research and presentation AMCIS 2011 August 4-7 Detroit


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Visinescu L. and Sidorova A."Understanding Website Dimensionality being prepared for submission to the" - Journal


Visinescu L. and Harden G."The Use of Social Media as a Tool for Price Discrimination being prepared for submission to the" - Journal